Forensics team sweeps Hill Country

Dino Griego

September 20, 2010

The WTAMU Forensics team traveled to San Marcus last Friday to compete against some of the top schools in the nation. After arriving at Texas State University, the speech and debate team showcased their numerous hours of hard...

Ask Bucky: WT’s advice column

Stephanie Williams

September 15, 2010

Have a question? Well the Bucky will help you find your answer! Our new advise column ‘Ask Bucky,’ will be a column dedicated to answering anything Prairie readers want to know. Have a question about campus? We can find the...

‘Free’ for all: Organizations offer lunches

Han Hsu

September 9, 2010

There are many students live far away from home and do not have a chance to eat some homemade meals. Sometimes, they may also feel lonely. However, there are several organizations on campus that provide students a free meal and...

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