Buff Print to install printers in the FAC

Jasmin Ruiz, Reporter

Local. Art by Chris Brockman.
Local. Art by Chris Brockman.

With the technology fee that students at West Texas A&M pay for, they receive 1,500 free copies of paper to print out assignments and projects every semester. However, most students have to go to the Hasting’s Electronic Learning Center (known as the HELC) and print out papers using their Buff Gold Card.

Now, there is a new way for students to print. Students can have access to printers that are around campus known as Buff Print.

Information Technology at West Texas A&M University has started to place printers around some of the buildings on campus. The Fine Arts Complex will now be one of the buildings on campus to have these printers installed.

“The printer is something that IT is providing for the Fine Arts Complex,” Dr. Trudy Hanson, Department head of Communication, said. “The Fine Arts Complex is one of the buildings that [IT] have not yet installed [a printer] in.”

These printers will allow students to print documents from personal laptops or through an Internet drop box. The new printer will be located on the side hallway, off of the main hallway in the Fine Arts Complex. IT has also put in the Internet drop box and will be putting up the printer soon as well.

The Fine Arts Complex does have an existing computer lab in the Mac Lab. However, the Mac Lab is only available for Mass Communication students. Students can only use the Mac Lab for schoolwork and projects.

Therefore, any other usage of the Mac Lab is strictly prohibited. In having the new printer installed, it can be an advantage for students, who can use the printer for other classes as well.

The new printer will be helpful for those to who need something printed before class without having to go all the way to the HELC or to any of the other Buff Printers that are provided in other parts of the campus.

“I think it’s an awesome idea,” Jackie Phommahaxay, a freshman Ad/PR major, said. “As long as it’s used and not abused, as in people printing off personal things vs. school work or assignments.”

For many of the students who have classes in the Fine Arts Complex, these printers will be convenient because the Mac Lab isn’t available due to classes.

“I haven’t seen any on campus yet,” Abdikani Jama, a freshman majoring in Biology, said. “But I would like to see more around.”



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