About The Prairie News


The Prairie News, founded in 1919 as The Prairie, is West Texas A&M University’s student-run multimedia news organization. Its mission is to responsibly and accurately inform, educate, and foster dialogue about issues, events, and ideas within our immediate WTAMU community and the community at large. 


The Prairie News vision to establish, grow, and prepare the members of the news organization into media professionals and leaders in their careers. Our members represent The Prairie News and the voice of the WTAMU students with the utmost of integrity, truthful reporting, and professionalism while producing work that honors the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) affiliation and code of ethics.  


The Prairie News is designed to reach far beyond training students to be journalists. Staff members are mentored to be responsible citizens and professionals no matter what career path they pursue.

The Prairie News takes its mandate to serve the WTAMU and Canyon communities very seriously. In a journalistic sense, students benefit from The Prairie News’ news coverage because the organization continues to address issues that are important to campus. The students who benefit from these journalistic endeavors and public service activities represent the breadth of backgrounds and characteristics that are found not only at WTAMU, but also in Canyon, Amarillo, and the numerous smaller communities located throughout the Texas Panhandle. 

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About The Prairie News