2017-2018 Staff

Nick Alvarado

Editor for The Prairie

I’m Nick Alvarado, a senior broadcasting and electronic media major, and the editor of The Prairie. I’m from Plains, TX and cover WT sports and other campus happenings. I also own a website, Roy Report Media, covering high sc...

Austin Heinen

Associate Editor

I’m  Broadcasting and Electronic Media major who will be graduating this may. Including this semester, I have worked with the Prairie, for now, four semesters. I love to cover various sports and can almost always be fou...

Mason Bray

Online Editor

I am a junior broadcast and electronic media major as well as the Online Editor for The Prairie. I am from Amarillo, TX. This is my first semester working with The Prairie yet, I enjoy learning new skills and facing challenges....

Allie Smith

Sports Editor

My name is Allie Smith and I am a last-semester senior broadcast journalism major here at WT (woot-woot!). This is my fourth semester with the Prairie, including my three semesters as the Sports Editor. If you happen to know m...

Natalia Molina


HOLA! My name is Natalia Molina and I am from El Salvador, Central America. I graduated in May 2017 with a BFA in Graphic Design and now getting a second Undergraduate in Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in C...

Hannah Nelson

Senior Reporter

Hello, my name is Hannah Nelson, a reporter for the Prairie this semester. I am currently a junior Public Relations/Advertising/Applied Communications major. My hometown is Seagraves, Texas and I completed my associate's degr...

Tova Kibal

Senior Reporter

My name is Tova Kibal and I’m an international broadcast journalism student. I am from Stockholm, Sweden and a junior at WT. This is my first semester working for the Prairie, and in my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with ...

Will Amos

Senior Reporter

Hey, I’m a nerd and proud. I am an expert in all things nerdy, but I specialize in video games and can tell you why most video game movies make their directors/screenwriters the scum of the earth. I am a broadcast journalism maj...

Callie Shipley

Coordinator for Junior Reporters

My name is Callie Shipley, and I'm a senior broadcast journalism major with plans to graduate in May. I'm originally from Channing, Texas, and in my role at The Prairie, I I help teach and assist the junior staff members. After...

Savannah Wesley

Junior Reporter

My name is Savannah Wesley and I am a Junior Staff member for The Prairie and a co-contributor to the podcast Doing it for the Grade. I am a Broadcast Journalism Major and a sophomore from Tulia, Texas. I want to become a jour...

Alyssa Gonzales

Junior Reporter

My name is Alyssa Gonzales and I am a member of the Junior Prairie Staff. I am a broadcast journalism major from Lubbock, Texas. This is my second semester working with the Prairie. I am also a co-contributor to the Prairie's...

Emma Stonum

Junior Reporter

I am a sophomore Agricultural Media and Communication Major. I am from Lubbock, TX. This semester I am working on The Prairie as a part of their Junior Staff. I look forward to getting hands-on experience with the newspaper and...

Duncan Neus

Junior Reporter

My name is Duncan Neus, and I am a Mass Communications Major. I am from a small town in Highland Village called Copper Canyon. I hope to someday become involved in broadcast news reporting.

Joanna Lowry

Junior Reporter

Hi, my name is Jo Lowry, and I am a Broadcasting Journalism major from Bushland, Texas. When I graduate, I would like to be a photojournalist for a small nature magazine and hopefully, I can one day work for National Geographic.

Chase Henderson

Junior Reporter

I'm an Advertising and Public Relations major from Cedar Hill, TX who will be graduating this December. This is my first semester with the Prairie and I am a huge sports nerd. My goal is to one day work with a big-time sports...

Ueakarn Songpraser

Junior Reporter

Hi! My name is Ueakarn Songprasert but I go by Loukyee Songprasert and I am from Chiang Mai, Thailand. I am a sophomore broadcasting electronic media and also a Lady Buff golf. This is my first semester with The Prairie and...

Christopher Cox

Junior Reporter

My name is Christopher Cox. I am a Broadcasting/Electronic Media major at WTAMU. I was born in Amarillo, Texas and get up in Clarendon, Texas. I came to WTAMU in hopes that I might find a career in media broadcasting. Originally...

Allison Hurst

Junior Reporter

My name is Allison Hurst, I'm a sophomore broadcasting journalism major from San Angelo, TX. I'm a junior reporter for the prairie this semester. I'm not sure what my plans are, but I'd love to use my degree for missions.

The Prairie Staff