2019-2020 Staff

Savannah Wesley

Features Editor

My name is Savannah Wesley and I am the Features Editor for The Prairie. I am a Broadcast Journalism Major and a junior from Tulia, Texas. I want to become a journalist for a major magazine or online newspaper when I earn my degree...

Alyssa Gonzales

Sports Editor

My name is Alyssa Gonzales. I’m a junior, broadcast journalism major from Lubbock, Texas. I have a passion for news writing and sports. This is my third semester on The Prairie senior staff.

Madi Carson

Online Editor

Emilio Sanchez


I’m a junior, digital communication and media major. I'm the head photographer and videographer for the Prairie. I’m from Carlsbad, New Mexico. This is my third semester at WTAMU and second semester working for the Prairie.

Olivia Spiezio

Senior Reporter

I am a senior Public Administration major from Bradenton, FL. I'm passionate about journalism, especially political journalism, and spent my freshman and sophomore years as a journalism major before transferring to WT and changing...

Jeffrey Williams

Senior Reporter

I strive to do and be my absolute best every day. My movie trivia knows no bounds. I am somewhat as swift as a coursing river.

Jace Hearn

Junior Reporter

Carter Hall

Junior Reporter

Ceasar Escalante

Junior Reporter

Carson Bradley

Junior Reporter

Steven Osburn

Junior Reporter

Growing up in a small country town didn't stop me from being a punk rock Texan kid. While everybody listened to our teachers views on recent and historical events, I searched elsewhere so I could make up my own mind, and it landed...

Stock Chenault

Junior Reporter

I am a Senior Communication Studies major in my final semester for my Bachelor's. I will be heading off to University of Texas San Antonio in the Spring to continue my education in Communication. I enjoy athletics, traveling,...

Rafael Flores

Junior Reporter

I am a junior majoring in digital comm!

Zoe Medina

Junior Reporter

My name is Zoe Medina. I am a freshman, broadcast journalism major from Plainview, Texas. This is my first semester on junior staff!

Jonah Dietz

Junior Reporter

English-speaking, American-born European from Germany studying English at WTAMU in order to one day become the next person to aspire to be a great author.

Mason Bray

Junior Reporter

I am a senior broadcast and electronic media major as well as the Junior Reporter for The Prairie. I am from Amarillo, TX. This is my second semester working with The Prairie yet, I enjoy learning new skills and facing challenges....