2018-2019 Staff

Layce Donnell


I'm a junior digital media and communications major. I'm the head photographer and videographer for the Prairie. I'm from Levelland, Texas. This is my first semester at WTAMU and first semester working for the Prairie.

Allegra Mora

Senior Reporter

I’m Allegra. I am an English Education major and I am also in the Gender Studies program. I really like writing and getting people’s stories out there. I feel right at home at The Prairie because I’m able to give people...

Esteban Ponce

Advertising Manager

My name is Esteban Ponce. I am a junior Advertising and Public Relations major. I have a passion for insightful and creative ways of delivering messages, and it allows me to experience the world journalism from a different perspective.

Hannah Nelson

Entertainment Editor

My name is Hannah Nelson, and I am the Entertainment Editor for the 2018 fall semester. I am a senior public relations/advertising major here at WTAMU. This is my second semester working on The Prairie senior staff.

Tova Kibal

Features Editor

My name is Tova Kibal, I’m a Swedish girl studying broadcast journalism here at WTAMU! This is my senior year, and work as the Features Editor at The Prairie. When I'm not in the newsroom, I love eating food and doing yoga.

Savannah Wesley

Senior Reporter

My name is Savannah Wesley and I am a Senior Reporter for The Prairie. I am a Broadcast Journalism Major and a sophomore from Tulia, Texas. I want to become a journalist for a major magazine or online newspaper when I earn my...

Alyssa Gonzales

Senior Reporter

My name is Alyssa Gonzales. I’m a sophomore, broadcast journalism major from Lubbock, Texas. I have a passion for news writing and sports. This is my first semester on The Prairie senior staff.

Jo Lowry

Senior Reporter

My name is Jo Lowry, and I am the Intern and a Senior Reporter for the 2018 fall semester. I am a senior Broadcasting Journalism major, and I love reading and drinking coffee.

The Prairie Staff