What To Do When Severe Weather Happens

NOAA Weather Map for Amarillo, Texas

NOAA Weather Map for Amarillo, Texas

Kimberly Hancock, Associate Editor

We are starting to enter the season of severe weather here in the panhandle, which could lead to thunderstorms, hail storms and even tornado watches or warnings. Tonight and tomorrow the city of Canyon is under a tornado watch until 10 p.m. tonight, with severe thunderstorms possible until tomorrow evening. The most violent storms or even tornados can occur at any time, day or night.

To help better understand the different between watches and warnings, the meanings are listed below.

A “tornado watch” is issued when severe thunderstorms have been sighted by a radar near the area. If a watch is in effect, everyone in the area needs to keep alert of the weather surrounding you in case anything threating comes your way.

A “tornado warning” is issued when a thunderstorm has been sighted by a radar near the area as well. However, warning times may be short and at most times are not very threating and go away shortly after. When any of these two occur, students need to have a safe place already planned out and make sure they are able to reach it in time.

When severe weather does happen here on campus, the City of Canyon can turn on its outdoor siren alert system. If the sirens have been activated, please do not move from the building you are currently in or even from your vehicle. Here on campus, we have a list of buildings that have basements where it is safe for students to go during severe weather.

Agriculture & Natural Sciences Building

Amarillo Center basement

Hasting Electronic Learning Center

Old Main 1st floor

Museum Annex

Virgil Henson Activites Center

WTAMU Bookstore

Please keep watch of the weather on any weather app or t.v. station, especially if you are planning on heading out and driving around this weekend.