Making homemade strawberry jam

Tran Nguyen, Photographer

Strawberries with leaves. Isolated on a white background.

Hi!!! I’m Tran. Do you know breakfast is the most important meal of a day??? I guess you will say “YESSSSSSSSS.” However, some of you do not have time to prepare a full meal, so today I will show you a very easy recipe to make a tasty breakfast. Alright, let’s start doing it now!!!!


  • Strawberries or blueberries (I prefer to use strawberry because it smells so awesome)
  • Honey or sugar (it depends on your preference, I love honey more than sugar)
  • A pinch of salt

Step 1: Preparing fresh, washed strawberries. Let them dry a little bit around 10 seconds.


Step 2: Put your strawberries into a thick bottom pot or pan with sugar.


Step 3: Cook your strawberries and sugar on medium heat around 20 minutes or until it becomes soft (you can check the strawberries with a stick or chopstick. Don’t burn your finger ^^). Please DO NOT leave your strawberries while cooking.


Step 4: Use a potato masher or a big spoon to mash your strawberries. I think a potato masher will help your jam look more beautiful than the spoon.

Step 5: Turning down the medium heat to low heat, add a pinch of salt to make the flavor better. Cooking the mixture around 20 minutes more or until it starts to gel.

Lastly, let your jam cool down, put it into a pretty jar and enjoy it with bread in the morning.



Have a great meal and see you next time!!!


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