VCOM Episode 3: The Highest Stealth Stat to Behold


Will Amos, Senior Reporter

Yes, we are back! We at the Prairie would like to apologize for such a long time between podcasts. People have been either sick, busy, or auto-aimmed by Sectopods. For this, we are deeply sorry. In this case of fun, Will and Gabe talk about the can of worms Will opened by talking about how “ungrateful” Metroid fans are, how the Thief series was good before the Edios Montreal reboot, how Dishonored was pretty meh, and how Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was/is awesome.

Musical Credits:
Intro Music: “X-Com Enemy Unknown Theme – Rocking Mix” by Fnotte
Mid-Break: “Mappy – Main Theme (Techno – Electronic Remix)” by AlexStebor558
Ending Music: “Utopia – Sub.Sound (Neko Remix)” by Neko9000

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