Directors Cut Episode 4: Oh NO! It’s Davidman!

Directors Cut Episode 4: Oh NO! It's Davidman!

Tim Rivera and Dane Glenn

In memoriam we take some time to remember Gary Shandling and Patty Duke. We hear from our special guest Davidman on his opinion of “Batman v Superman”, BvS earnings, Batfleck news on his potential script, and Hans Zimmer leaving super movies. With Marvel news, we bring some updates on Guardians vol. 2 and 3.

We cover Don Chealde’s recently directed movie over the dark side of Miles Davis. We start comparing the new Jungle Book, Jungle Book Origins and the Tarzan movie. The Reverend T gives his two minute pitch for the British comedy “Cuban Fury” and we introduce a new segment, Buy, Pass, or Sell, which brings us the special edition of “Iron Giant!” We also end by watching the horror trailer “Lights Out.”

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