Sharky’s Expands to New Location

Audrey Roberson, Reporter

It has been more than a month since Sharky’s Burrito Company opened in the Jack B. Kelley Student Center on the campus of West Texas A&M University and the recognizable white to-go boxes can be seen almost anywhere. The burrito company was originally looking to expand to another store in Amarillo, but there was a land dispute with a neighboring business. But when that opportunity fell through, another was presented.

“We were asked by Aramark this summer to take over an open spot that was available at the JBK,” Owner Brent Epps said. “I know that Aramark is a reputable company and we had been asked by customers in the past to come to Canyon. So, it seemed like a good fit.”

Epps said they are trying to adjust the ordering experience to best suit their new demographic of customer at WT. Students at the JBK want a quick bite to eat which is not the same eating experience as what the Amarillo Sharky’s provides. Epps already has a few ideas to appease the student’s wants.

“We are working daily on increasing sales and ways to make the experience faster and easier for customers,” Epps said. “We have added Sharkys To-Go in the corner; this allows customers to pre order their food and give us a specific time to have it ready. We have fax-in order sheets and menus at the end of our line as well as on our Facebook account.”

Chad Johnson, a manager at the JBK Sharky’s, who also worked at the Amarillo Sharky’s, says the working experience is different too. He says that working with the Aramark employees and logistics of shipping food has spiced things up. Then also make sure that you are using top-quality box liners for your shipping as that makes a huge difference.

“We’ve been transporting cooked food from Amarillo and getting dry products from Ben E. Keith,” Johnson said. “If we ever run out of anything or need help with dishes, we can always depend on the other Aramark stores to help us out.”

Along with the new employees, Johnson said he’s gotten familiar with the new customers and their burrito preferences as well. He said that the students order more add-ons like guacamole and cheese and less salsa. They like to make the most of their ordering experience.

“Ordering is interesting,” Mass Communications major, Kelly Ramos said. “I try to come up with my order before I get to the window, since there is really only one spot where they show everything. I try to get something different every time, but I’m always drawn to a burrito with steak.”

Epps said that they’re making an effort to understand the college market but he wants to expand the people even beyond campus.

“We are going out to businesses in Canyon to show options that would allow them the opportunity of picking up individual orders as well as catering and Burrito Kits yet another option of buying items in bulk,” Epps said. “These are some options that allow families to pick up items an their way home from work.”