Bestselling Author of “Socialnomics” Skypes with WT Students

Megan Clark, Reporter

Erik Qualman, social media guru and author of Amazon bestseller “Socialnomics,” spoke with West Texas A&M University students and faculty through Skype Wednesday.

“If someone were to Google your name right now, what would you want to show up?” Qualman said. “Make sure you take the time to figure out what that would be, write it down and that is going to get you to where you want to be in your life.”

During the Skype call, Qualman gave advice to students and faculty on how he thinks people can be most successful in their careers.

“I had no clue how much knowledge I would be leaving this event with,” freshman broadcasting major Macinzie Andrews said.

The event was made possible by WT’s Ad/Pr Society, and around 40 people showed up to participate in the Skype conversation. The Skype call lasted around 30 minutes and was considered to be one of the Ad/PR Society’s more successful events.

“This is probably the first time we’ve ever had a full house,” Ad/PR Society President Alex Hernandez said. “We had a good time, and everyone was very friendly with one another. We had a very cool guest speaker who we could relate to. It’s not very often we get a number one bestselling author, so it means a lot.”

Most people who attended the event were familiar with Qualman’s work and have read some of his books. Qualman’s book “What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube” was given out in certain classes at WT this semester for free.

In an activity, Qualman had visitors pair up with a partner. Qualman asked that one person give their best smile to their partner and the other person just to look at their partner who was smiling. Most students couldn’t help but smile back at their partners.

“Motion creates emotion,” Qualman said.

Through this activity, Qualman showed how people’s attitudes are infectious. He advised that social leaders should be aware and understand how powerful one’s attitudes can be. Qualman’s insight made the impact that the Ad/PR Society wanted to achieve through this event.

“We want to make sure that individuals are ready to get out there in the business world,” Hernandez said. “It’s kind of scary you know? You take your classes and then you graduate. Ad/PR really tries to set people up for success later on whether that be meeting up with alumni, special guest speakers, or just having a good time and just getting to know people in the major.”

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