Students go global with study abroad program

Students can get more information about study abroad through the office of study abroad located in 115A.

Students can get more information about study abroad through the office of study abroad located in 115A.

Will McAfee

Will McAfee

Students can get more information about study abroad through the office of study abroad located in 115A.

Will McAfee, Reporter

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Taking college courses in South Korea, learning about C.S. Lewis and the Beatles in England, and

visiting penguins in between service projects in Africa are just a small sample of the opportunities that West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) students experience during their study abroad adventures.

Junior Broadcast electronic media major Madison Monday began her study abroad adventure this semester in Seoul, South Korea. Monday will take classes in South Korea that count towards her major over the course of the semester while living in and exploring the county.

“I think everyone should study abroad because it’s an amazing opportunity to travel, see so many different things, and meet people from all over the world,” Monday said.

There are other forms of studying abroad as well, such as short-term, faculty-led trips. Codie Harrah, a senior sports and exercise science major, traveled to England for one of these trips in July 2017.

“This study abroad trip experience was incredibly surreal,” Harrah said. “Getting the opportunity to visit where legendary writer C.S. Lewis wrote some of his most influential books of his time that also transcended to our time was priceless.”

Harrah and several other students spent the spring semester of 2017 studying the effects of British icons C.S. Lewis and the Beatles on pop culture and media. They then had the opportunity to travel to England and see where these people lived and learned of their impact on the country. Studying abroad doesn’t just mean taking classes in another country, however; students also can work with organizations that fall into their field of study.

“We will be going to work with three different organizations in Cape Town, South Africa, go on a safari ride and see penguins,” Public Relations and Applied Communications major Sarah Young said. “It’s going to be a really amazing experience.”

Young will be going to South Africa in March with other students where they will spend a week exploring Cape Town while having the chance to further her educational experience through partnering with these organizations. One organization has asked them to help develop a virtual tour of a museum in the city to show those who cannot see it in person.

Paying for study abroad trips can be daunting; however, there are scholarships that allow students to apply for relief in the cost. There are scholarships that WTAMU gives out to students wanting to study abroad as well. Students may visit the Office of Study Abroad for more information on finding different avenues to receive funds to pay for studying abroad.

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Students go global with study abroad program