West Texas Dancers bring the Buff spirit

West Texas A&M University has a number of traditions that create a vivacious and positive environment for students, fans, and alumni. One of these important factors that contribute to the spirit of the university is the WTAMU Dance Team. 

Photo courtesy of Kaylee Morrison.

According to the team’s page on gobuffsgo.com, The mission of the team is to “promote buffalo spirit, support WTAMU athletics, and to be role models on campus and throughout the West Texas community.” 

The dance team or pom squad has been a part of WTAMU athletics for many years. After the fall 2017 semester, the dance team was no longer active. However with the help of a former Buff that had a passion for dance, a new team was created and put into place for the new athletic year. 

“The dance team definitely adds to the spirit of the West Texas community. We’re part of getting the crowd pumped up. It’s a very similar job description to what a cheerleader would do, but with a different skill set,” said Director of the dance team Kaylee Morrison. 

The dance team performs high energy routines at WTAMU athletic events such as football and basketball games to pump up the crowd and encourage all of the buff fans to be as spirited as possible while cheering on their team to victory. 

Though the team is fairly new, that hasn’t stopped a number of enthusiastic and talented students from joining the “West Texas Dancers.”

“I always wanted to be on a dance team and have the experience of dancing on a field or court. I am so grateful to be dancing with this team,” said freshman dance team member Hayley Jackson. 

Though this is the first year that the team is back in action, the camaraderie between the dancers is evident. 

“The one thing I love about the environment is how positive it is. My favorite thing is after practice we gather in a circle and we talk about our weeks and how we’re doing. I always value that time with my teammates,” Jackson said.

The team has plans of competing in the future. However since they are new, they want to become more established before going into competitions. 

“There were other dance teams of the past at the university and it’s [competing] not in our immediate plans, but it’s definitely in our vision,” Morrsion said. 

The team brings an energetic presence to the athletic events, however the dancers are students too. With that comes the same responsibilites as every other WTAMU student on campus. 

“I had to learn how to utilize my free time and try and knock out my homework before the weekend and game days,” Jackson said. 

Students are still eligible to join the team and encouraged to do so. Tryouts will be held on April 18th in the Mirror Room at the Virgil Henson Activity Center. 

“Go for it! Have fun and relax during the audition. Nerves mean you care,” Jackson said. 

So, the next time you find yourself at a WTAMU athletic event, make sure to stand up and support the West Texas Dancers.