WTAMU National Broadcasting Society Members Earn National Awards


Dr. Emily Kinsky

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West Texas A&M University’s National Broadcasting Society chapter members won 10 awards at the 57th Annual National Undergraduate Student Electronic Media Competition on Saturday, March 14.

Students from the WTAMU Department of Communication earned four national production awards, while students, faculty and staff from the department received six awards for individual or chapter service in 2019.

WTAMU students Chase Brady, Katy Zimmerman and Cody Stephens won the award for Video Studio or Live Performance Segment with One Sessions-AJ Swope Musical Tribute’s song “Black Crow.”

“Helping out with bringing AJ‘s songs back to life was an amazing experience, and you can definitely tell from the audience and especially the performers that emotions were all in that place,” Stephens said. “I was so glad to be part of it and hope that One Sessions continues to do great things!”

Jake Boesen, Nathan Hoy and Anna Parsons earned the award for Video Entertainment and/or Music Program for One Sessions with Blue Johnnies.

“I feel like winning the award means something different to me than it does to some of the other people,” Boesen said. “I went through such a hard time my sophomore year with my depression and anxiety, and it got so bad I had to leave school for a semester. I came back healthy and was ready for the semester, but I wasn’t expecting Randy to put me in a position as important as he did with the Blue Johnnies project. Ever since the show, my life has completely turned around in so many amazing ways. If it weren’t for Randy trusting in me like he did, and if I hadn’t been thrown in the fire like I was, I wouldn’t have the confidence to pursue my dreams like I have been since. Winning the award just shows me how far I’ve come not only in my professional life, but my personal life, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Jordan Unfred and Rachel Widder tied for the top Video Editing entry. Unfred won with his “Rubber Trailer 2 Copycat,” and Widder won for her “Napoleon Dynamite Mock Trailer.”

“Media has always been my passion,” Widder said. “I work very hard on all my projects and being recognized for my efforts means so much.”

Unfred was also named Rookie Member of the Year.

“Winning both awards has not only been important to me, but also my fellow classmates, as well,” Unfred said. “These achievements show others that we can achieve whatever we put our hearts into, and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve next year.”

Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities Student Success Coordinator Dane Glenn earned the title of Professional Member of the Year.

The chapter earned the award for best community service event, as well as earning the coveted Model Chapter designation.

Widder received AERho Student Member of the Year-Honorable Mention, and Advisor of the Year-Honorable Mention went to Dr. Emily Kinsky.

“All of this is great motivation to continue pursuing steps towards my future career in media,” Widder said.

About the WTAMU Department of Communication
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