Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office will seek a return to scientific pandemic response

The US COVID-19 numbers continue to rise with no lockdown and little mask enforcement.

President-elect Joe Biden has been very vocal about his plans to help stave off a longer bout of COVID-19 even before his securing of the job. On the campaign trail, he displayed support for both the USA’s leading infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci and mask wearing for the sake of COVID-19 prevention. And now, having substantial election promises to keep and a nation to steer away from more senseless deaths, Biden has taken affirmative action regarding both Fauci and masks.

Biden talked recently with CNN in order to explain his future plans for the presidential office. During this interview he spoke on the importance of presidential modelling—essentially being the first one to have the information and acting on it, and in doing so, setting an example for the American people. A sentiment that is important to have, as it has been proven that a president’s actions can be and will be imitated. Furthermore, Biden spoke on the vitality of transparency.

“It’s important to communicate to the American people: It’s safe. It’s safe to do this.My inclination is on the first day I’m inaugurated to say ‘I’m going to ask the public for one-hundred days, to mask… Not forever. One hundred days. And I think we’ll see a significant reduction… that occurs.’”

Biden has also announced that Fauci, the current leader of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, will be his chief medical advisor. When discussing the vaccine, Biden said that the doctor will be his “measure” for when it is safe to use. This is contrary to how President Trump has treated Fauci. The president has been open about his dislike and distrust toward the doctor, which has caused Trump to receive criticism from scientific experts and the general population of the U.S. For many, including Fauci, this is good news.   

Fauci spoke with CBS on Thursday, explaining that he would be speaking with Biden’s team that same day. “It’s fortuitous… that in a couple of hours I’m actually meeting with the entire—what we call a ‘landing team,’” Fauci said, referring to the group of officials whose job it is to integrate new political appointees and their staff in order to facilitate a smooth transition. “I’m going to be meeting with them… virtually. So, today will be the first day where there will be substantive discussions between me and the Biden team.”

With the U.S. close to 300,000 deaths from the coronavirus, and with the Amarillo Public Health Department still declaring the city to be on Red Alert, these changes offer hope for 2021 as a Christmas with likely no lockdown looms on the horizon. This is troubling, as of a week ago, the city of Victoria, Australia has registered zero cases of COVID for over 30 days, meaning that it has passed the benchmark for eliminating the disease. Restrictions and lockdowns are being lifted in time for the holidays. How was this incredible feat accomplished? Stringent, stage 4 restrictive lockdowns, curfews and mandatory masks are leading causes of the decline.

Biden’s plans for a stricter shut-down of mingling and the compulsory-making of masking are not entirely up to him. Much of it depends on the aid he will or will not receive for the U.S. Congress. But one thing is certain: The numbers aren’t getting better now, as we do nothing. Doing something is a welcome change.