Informing while performing


Gaven Ludington

A screenshot of Gaven Ludington presenting during his senior lecture recital.

On Saturday, April 10, 2021, Gaven Ludington presented his senior lecture recital in the Harrington Fine Arts Complex Hallway. Gaven is a senior majoring in music business Opt. II – music technology. Ludington talked about the history of his chosen composer’s musical works from the 20th and 21st centuries and then proceeded to perform those musical pieces.

“My lecture recital only included works from the 20th and 21st century. I spoke about each composer, their piece and the context surrounding it, then I played each one after talking,” Ludington said. “ A lecture recital alternates the presentation of research and performance. I did this to fulfill the Capstone and Research Conference Presentation requirements for the Attebury Honors College at WT.”

Ludington spent countless hours researching about his chosen works and composers to ensure accuracy and a well presented lecture.

“I started with simply reading biographies of the composers I was working with and learning about their lives specifically around the time of composing the pieces,” Ludington said. “ I found that all three composers had major popular music influences, connections to France, and a love of Stravinsky. This sent me down many academic rabbit holes where I learned about the specific popular music influences of each composer, and how they came about each unique compositional style.”

The lecture recital was an in person event, but was also offered online using Facebook’s Event feature. In person seating was limited to 35 people, but some people did attend the event online. One being Dionicio Dino Cardenas, an alumni of the WTAMU’s school of music, and alumni of the Alpha Psi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi.

“Gaven Ludington’s lecture recital was truly informative and inspirational. During his lecture, we learned about the popularity of the canon and how to connect the difference between popular music and serious music,” Cardenas said. “ Overall I believe that this lecture recital was unique. Gaven is a fantastic pianist, student, and friend. I hope everyone takes the time to watch the recap video on Facebook.

Milan Winrow, also an alumni of WTAMU’s school of music, and alumni of the Xi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, attended the event by rewatching it online on Facebook.

“It was different from his other [recital]. I liked how he talked about each piece and the themes of them. He told a story with all of them,” Winrow said. “ I also liked the visual aids he used. He did a lot with sounds and pictures.”

Now that Ludington is finished with his recital requirements, he plans to graduate Saturday, May 8, 2021 at Buffalo Stadium.

“I feel so relieved that it’s all over. I spent countless hours preparing the music and the lecture materials, and I’m so proud of the results,” Ludington said.