Campus security report finds WT safe

Dino Griego

Every year, WTAMU, in compliance with federal law, publishes an annual Campus Security Summary and Campus Security Report, which include campus crime report statistics for the previous three years.

“We are very fortunate here at West Texas A&M University,” President Dr. O’Brien said. “We live, work and study on one of the safest campuses in the country, and Canyon is routinely listed among Texas’ safest cities,” Dr. O’ Brien challenges the community to keep pushing forward, and encourages the population at WT to unite.

“Reputation, no matter how well deserved, cannot ensure continued health and safety. Together, we will enjoy a safe and happy year.”

The report for this previous semester shows favorable reviews. However, some students are still finding themselves the victim of small crimes around the Canyon area. Malissa Montgomery, a junior biology major, was recently robbed of 200 dollars while at her apartment. The complex is directly behind the AC about fifty feet away from campus.

“I was angry,” Montgomery said. “I went inside the apartment to drop off my school bag, and when I walked back outside, the money was gone. I was about to deposit it.”

The University Police Department provides safety tips. Three tip mentioned are to “always lock your car, never leave personal belongings unattended and to watch for strangers.”

“This experience is very enlightening,” Montgomery said. “I will never leave my car unlocked again, even if it is just for a quick moment.”

An email issued on Oct. 7 asked for people to step forward if they knew about an on-going crime. It asserted that “The Campus Security Act, a federal law, requires ‘campus security authorities’(CSA) to report crime statistics for inclusion in the University’s annual Campus Security Report.”

CSA can be members of the campus police, officials of an institution, or Residential Assistants on campus. For a full list of the CSA, information can be located on the WT website.

Logan Moore, a junior communication studies major, is an R.A. at Guenther Hall.

“I think our location, as well as our students, ensure great safety standards,” Moore said. “We are in a well lit area and I think that makes a drastic difference.”

While Guenther is in a good location, their fire standards show a different statistic. This past year, they issued four practice fire alarm evaluations, just like every other dorm; however, this hall has no sprinkler systems for its residence. In order to increase fire safety, campuses can opt for oil tank removals if they have any that are unused or needs replacement.

“It is true we do not have fire sprinklers,” Moore said. “Still, I think our practice evacuations run smoothly enough that we can still provide adequate safety measures. Guenther is not very big, so all of our students can get out faster than lets say students in one of the bigger dorms such as Jones.”

To learn more about safety tips, WT provides educational workshops and programs on topics including: crime prevention, domestic/dating violence, sexual assault and property theft.


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