Poster Festival to Show at WTAMU

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.
Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Aspiring graphic design artists and faculty members gathered Thursday evening at 5 p.m. in the Cornette Library for a reception of the Breda Poster Festival.

The poster festival has sparked creative thinking for the graphic design classes because they are to create and redesign posters of their own in response for the theme “Greed is Out, Empathy is In.”

“In the illustration and type class we have to make projects in response to the festival, mostly by theme, and for one we have had to entirely recreate it,” Josh Jinkens, junior graphic design major, said. “I used Twitter as my inspiration. Greed is still in, especially when you’re on Twitter. There’s a lot of anonymity. You can be whoever you want and say whatever you want.”

Professor Marcus Melton and Director of the Study Abroad program, Amber Buscarello took a trip to see the opening of the festival in its original location in the Netherlands. Melton won the trip from the Study Abroad program and with the
opportunity, hopes to take a group of students for a study abroad class next fall semester.

“We spent one week over there, about six or seven days, as a cite trip,” Buscarello said. “We met up with WTAMU a alumn that lives in Breda now which was pretty cool.”

Melton met a couple of people and stayed in touch with them and used this connection to have the festival come to WT. The show has been on campus since Jan. 22, but has been in circulation since Sept. 19. Melton hopes to have the festival tour back to our campus so the students’ work and the original works can be presented together. The website of the festival displays pictures of WT students observing the posters and gives an information section on their excitement that the festival is on campus.

According to the Breda Festival website, students’ typography and illustration would be given assignments related to the exhibition in Feb.

Graphic design classes have all spent time in the library studying what posters they would most like to focus on.

“All the designers responded to this theme,” Melton said. “Students are not required to come to the reception but the graphic design club has been promoting it.”

The graphic design club has started up again on campus and meet Thursdays at 5 p.m.