Tips to help test anxiety

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Feature Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Feature Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

With the semester winding down and finals shortly approaching students are faced with a battle that occurs every test day: test anxiety. Educational and counseling services has hosted three different sessions this semester over how to handle anxiety.

“We typically cover what test anxiety is and why it happens,” Jacklyn Cargill graduate student intern said. “We also cover therapeutic techniques. [Test anxiety] is not something they were born with. It’s something that gradually built up.”

The sessions will most likely remain an active thing on campus as long as students call and request that these workshops remain available. There is free food as well as helpful advice available at these meetings which can prove beneficial come finals time.

“With finals coming up I try not to worry about it. I plan to study with friends and take time to chill without homework and also plan to study so that I’m not overwhelmed,” Nora Hyman senior graphic design major said.
Each student prepares differently for a test and may tackle test anxiety from a different angle.

“I don’t worry about the test. If I know the information then I know it,” Caley Compton junior education major said. “I will look over the information the night before and review myself right before I go to sleep. With finals coming up, I just review the information my professor has provided.”

Cargill has been in charge of each workshop this semester and encourages students to attend the workshops.

“The most important piece of advice that I’m sure students have heard over and over again is, don’t procrastinate. Spread out your studying over weeks and days and remember to relax,” Cargill said. “People need time to spend with friends. A lot of [anxiety] is pressure they put on themselves. A lot of times I hear I have to make an A on this and they don’t really give themselves any wiggle room.”

According to the calendar of events posted to the WT website finals will begin on Friday May 3.