WTAMU Cycling Team

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WT Cycling Team Photo.

WT Cycling Team Photo.

The cycling team at WTAMU is a relatively new organization on campus. They began in the spring semester of 2013 and currently have only a handful of members.  These cyclists compete in colligate and local mountain biking, road cycling, and triathlon competitions.  Last spring the team competed in nine colligate road races. The team is open to anyone who rides any type of bike. The team not only wants to get students involved, but is trying to influence the atmosphere of cycling in Canyon.

“We are looking forward to having our first rider to compete in the colligate championship this season,” said Dillan Craig, head of recruitment for the Cycling Team.

The cycling team does not have team practices. Rather all team members are expected to try to train for at least 100 miles per week.

“We practice on our own time because students have different schedules and endurance levels,” said Doug Todd, president of the Cycling Team.

Todd has been on the team since it was founded and has been cycling competitively for about eight years. Other members of the team have had long careers in cycling as well.

“I would like to apply my knowledge from the past 10 [years] to help out others who are just getting into the sport,” said Tucker Gerald, vice president of the Cycling Team.

“I’m trying to grow the team so it remains in existence after I’m gone,” said Todd.

The City of Canyon is currently building a tail system immediately north of the Buffalo Stadium that the team hopes to use for practice since it is so near to the school.  “We want to say thank you to our sponsors with help in the sport and in the community,” said Gerald.

More information about the WT Cycling Team can be found at facebook.com/WT.Cycling.