CORE sponsors Everything But the Mime

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Students decorated incense bottles in the JBK.

Students decorated incense bottles in the JBK.

On Tuesday, January 14, the CORE, Campus Organization, Resources and Entertainment, started the semester out by going crafty. Two events were hosted through the same group called “Everything But the Mime” in the JBK.  The Tuesday event was the photo incense bottles that you could customize yourself using anything from feathers and moving eyes to stringing beads onto lanyards and pasting a picture.

The group used recycled soda and lemonade bottles that were painted and had a vent hole  for the incense. The event not only found a way for WT students to sit down and remember previous art classes, but also established a way to release the stress from the first week of school. Students like Brenda Vega, a Criminal Justice Major, managed to do just that by decorating a funny picture of herself.

“I wanted something to stand out and be funny and when I look back then I can think how much fun I had coming here,” said Vega.

The Wednesday event was the photo mugs or “Nancy Mug Shots,” said Stephanie Brackett, Assistant Director of Student Activities in the CORE office. Nancy Heino, who took the pictures for both events and helped students bring out their crafty side, commented on how fabulous the students are at WT and the creativity that each student showed when decorating a bottle.

“Everything But the Mime” is a talent and novelty group that employs magicians, spray can artists, and temporary tattoo artists. In recent semesters the CORE has hosted events through the same agency, like “The Big Red Chair” and “Val’s Custom Leather Bracelets.”

Both the CORE and “Everything but the Mime” met at the Association for the Promotions of Campus Activities (APCA).Though the location varies every year, last year’s event took place in Houston and was about a week long. Each semester the CORE will generally host a novelty event.