Living on and off campus, pros and cons

Jasmin Ruiz, Reporter

Local. Art by Chris Brockman.
Local. Art by Chris Brockman.

Living on campus has been said to be one of the best college experience to have. Students who live on campus can get active with extra curricular activities, meet new friends and have convenient access to all WTAMU has to provide for students. But for the students who do not live on campus, their lives as college students might be different from those living in a dorm.

“My parents couldn’t support me fully,“ Lluvia Vidaña, junior Ad/Pr major, said. “[They] didn’t want to take out any loans and it was much cheaper living off campus.”

Vidaña doesn’t live on campus but does live in Canyon. However, living in Canyon doesn’t always mean one can have it easy because of gas and other car related problems.

“Driving and parking is an issue for me,” Stephanie Vazquez, sophomore psychology major, said. “Driving back and forth grinds my gears.” Vazquez said she enjoys being with her family and does not like the idea of living under a roof with many rules and regulations.

It can take commuters up to an hour to get to Canyon and find parking. For many students or faculty, parking is an issue because if one leaves campus for any reason, there will be a good chance that someone else will occupy the parking spot.

However, living on campus doesn’t mean that the dorm life is always a walk in the park. Students who live on campus also have obstacles they have to go through.

“Fire drills are a bit irritating,” Tania Fuentes, junior criminal justice major, said. “If you’re sleeping or showering, you have to leave no matter what.”

Even though being active in school and meeting new friends are some of the reasons why living on campus is a good thing, students do have to follow rules and are not allowed to bring certain things to residence halls such as pets (except fish), microwaves and dartboards when living on campus.


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