Amarillo Museum of Art hosts student art

One of the pieces of artwork shown off at the Amarillo Museum of Art.
One of the pieces of artwork shown off at the Amarillo Museum of Art.

West Texas A&M University and Amarillo College held their yearly art show on April 4. The art show was hosted by the Amarillo Museum of Art, where more than 100 students and faculty from both AC and WTAMU displayed their work.
For students to participate in the show, they are required to submit their artwork by March 28 to a faculty member accepting submissions
“The faculty then [judges] and hangs the show  pieces at the Amarillo Museum of Art as well as WTs art gallery at Sunset Center, which is where the salon de refusés is held for pieces that didn’t make it in to the Museum,” Josh Clift-Jinkens, senior Graphic Design major, said.
All pieces were judged by the five full-time faculty and four part–time faculty members. During the judging process, the judges go into the room and look at each piece extensively.  They then discuss and pick out the works that are the most successful. The judges then began a conversation over the ones  that are well liked.
“We also do some thematic judging and we try to represent all themes, [so] we have a healthy sampling of all students,” Jon Revett, Assistant Professor of Art, Theatre and Dance, said.
The show consists of artwork from students ranging from freshmen to graduate level students.
Revett entered a piece called “The Glacier Project”. An example of Revett’s work hangs in the JBK across from the Legends Club, the painted records hanging on the wall. Revett also did a similar version of this, but in the form of a cube.
CliftJinkens entered 11 pieces this semester where seven were accepted, with one piece winning best in graphic design and the other winning best of show which was a collaborated effort with student Kendra Barth.
“I have submitted pieces to the show for three years. My first year, one drawing and an art history paper got on,” Clift-Jinkens said. “My second [year], I didn’t get anything in.”
The art will be hung in the museum until April 20.
“The quality of work is definitely getting better as we have overturned the faculty in department in the last five years,” Revett said. “This year show.. [was] different, but are in some ways similar, like the number of people that entered and the quality of work.”
“Everything in the show was amazing and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to select a limited amount of artwork,” Clift-Jinkens said.