The dead rise again Humans vs. Zombies

Preston Thomas

Squad 37 geared up for battle.
Squad 37 geared up for battle.

It’s spring. The weather is getting warmer, green leaves grow on the trees, the dead rise and the Nerf bullets fly. It’s time again for Humans vs. Zombies at West Texas A&M University, a game where students battle with blasters against their undead classmates from April 7 through April 10. Organized by the RHA, the mandatory meetings on April 2 and 3 saw record attendance. According to junior Computer Science major and committee member Austreberto Loya, more than 100 students have already signed up.
“It’s definitely going to be 200 percent better this year,” Loya said. “I’ve been part of every process from planning the storyline, advertisement, bandannas, signing people up – basically everything.”
While little information could be revealed about the storyline and missions, this year’s Humans vs. Zombies (also known as HvZ) events promises missions featuring WTAMU myths and legends, according to Loya.
“I’m not supposed to say much, but it’s going to be awesome,” Loya said. “It will be incorporating WT legends and landmarks here on campus. The missions are going to be on a bigger scale with longer missions and more objectives. On day one, there is going to be a mission, so the day isn’t wasted either.”
Students are already gearing up for battle, including the members of Squad 37 created by junior Biology major Cameron Hastings. The group has met regularly to hone their skills for the oncoming hordes.
“Even before I came to WT, I saw the posters for HvZ,” Hastings said. “I’ve always been excited for it. The first year I played mostly as a zombie, it was a blast. Next to being a Herdsman and running with Thunder, this is the most fun thing I do on campus and I thought that there’s gotta be more people that aren’t just casual players. I wanted to find more people that take it seriously”
“Killing zombies is fun,” David Osgood, freshman Engineering major and second in command of Squad 37, said. “So far, I’m looking forward to HvZ. We’ve worked on everything from target practice to worst case scenarios, like being isolated and down to your last bullet.”
The squad gathered in the Guenther courtyard to take practice shots at each other and check their equipment, which included a wide array of brightly painted Nerf blasters and home-made ammo belts, holsters and slings.
“I’m looking for people who play full tilt,” Hastings said.


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