Greek week begins


Greeks participate in Glow event.
Greeks participate in Glow event.

Whenever one thinks about college, the first things that always come to mind are good friends, tough classes and sororities and fraternities.
To the latter of these, this week marks an immeasurably important event in their year.
“Greek Week is all about the different sororities and fraternities building friendships, helping others and coming together as one big ‘Greek,’” Brandy Merritt, junior education major and Rho Gamma sister, said.
This Monday marked the official beginning of Greek Week 2014, a time when all of West Texas A&M University’s sororities and fraternities begin recruitment as well as instatement of their new brothers and sisters.
“We’ve started doing some really cool new philanthropic things like the soap box derby and excelsior challenge,” Hayden Gibbs, senior corporate communication major and Kappa Alpha brother, said.
Between Big Little Week, group outreach, pink out games and others, Greeks new and old have plenty to look forward to this year. Greek organizations will not only be participating in public service, but also great efforts of community organizing as they work to improve the community throughout the year.
“Go Greek and you won’t regret it,” Kaylin Smallwood, senior accounting major and Rho Gamma sister, said.
Greek organizations also offer incredible networking opportunities, as well as lifelong friendships to their members. Certainly these organizations are an important and exceptional part of the West Texas experience and truly represent what it means to be a good citizen, as well as a Buff.