Enactus hosts Bill Rancic, teaches business skills

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Bill Rancic speaks to students about entrepreneurship.

Bill Rancic speaks to students about entrepreneurship.

American entrepreneur and hired by The Trump Organization at the end of the first season of The Apprentice, Bill Rancic visited West Texas A&M to speak to students.
“A little bit is fear is good,” Rancic said during his speech. “It gives you an edge and a fuel to stay up late and get up early to do what you need to do.”
Rancic said aspiring entrepreneurs should never get too comfortable, adding that once you get complacent bad things usually start to come.
“So I always like to have a little bit of edge, a little bit of fear,” he said.
Formally known as SIFE, Enactus is a worldwide organization that is currently present in 36 different countries and at WT. Browning said the name change comes from a global branding change because ‘Free Enterprise’ wasn’t necessarily politically correct.
“Enactus comes from the phrase Entrepreneurs in Action,” Advisor Dr. Leigh Browning said.
She says that Jean Walker has been able to field a hearty team.
“The new name created new branding and new opportunities,” said Browning, “And none of that would have been possible without Jean Walker.”
For over 20 years, the organization uses its business, finance and marketing skills in projects that help communities.
“We take on projects that impact powerful change in our community using business skills,” Browning said.
Browning said Enactus is broken down into three pieces: environmental, entrepreneurial, and social.
“With our environmental project, we work with the community garden,” Browning said. “Sometimes it’s about pulling weeds and arranging fruit and other times it’s about marketing events.”
Recently, Enactus made a film on the sale K2 in Amarillo that appeared on the cover on TIME magazine earlier this year.
“We took it on as a social justice project,” Browning said. “People refer to it as synthetic marijuana, it has nothing to do with marijuana and it’s killing people.”
CEO of Enactus Adriana Gallegos says that Enactus shows students that with the right passion, they can do anything.
“It’s not only important to learn in class but to apply those skills in a practical manner,” Gallegos said. “And at Enactus, we show you how to do that.”
Gallegos said Enactus meets at the Classroom Center 221 every Tuesday at 12:34 p.m.

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