New business mixing up the flavors on the Square


Hannah Nelson

Owners Julie Simmons and Cody Hudson standing in front of the Squeezy Street Juice Bar on the Canyon Square.

Hannah Nelson, Entertainment Editor

“Strawberry Fields [Forever]” may be just a song title for most people. However, step into one of Canyon’s newest businesses on the square and it becomes a blend of strawberries and bananas. 

Brother and sister duo open up new juice bar in hopes to provide options for people on any diet. Julie Simmons and Cody Hudson are the owners of Squeezy Street Juice Bar located on the square at 1512 5th Ave suite 203. This juice bar offers options from juices, to smoothies and “Nice Cream”. The business opened its doors in April. You can also see here the business opened by Lora Lee Drammis.

“We just wanted to try and give people a healthy option,” Hudson said.

Born and raised in Canyon, the two owners saw an opportunity for their business. They both noticed a lack of options for people who have diet restrictions. They hope that Squeezy Street will be a place anyone can come and find something to enjoy. 

“We have family and friends that are doing the vegan thing and trying to eat healthy and they don’t have anywhere to go,” Hudson said. “We wanted to give them an option.”

When designing the juice bar, the owners wanted to create a place that was fun and funky. The space is decorated with bright colors with art, street signs, and magazine covers. The owners also incorporated their vision into the menu option names.

“I knew I wanted to name one the “Blue Meanie” but we didn’t have one that was blue until we finally came up with one,” Hudson said. 

As for their menu, the owners want to offer something for everyone. According to Simmons, they take the diets of customers very seriously. They can customize most menu options to fit the person.  

“We can change anything. We can make anything you request if you don’t see It. Just ask about it because we want to be able to give the people what they want,” Simmons said.

Simmons and Hudson  also want students to have a place to study. They want to provide a welcoming environment for students to come get some snacks, or use the blender (that was taken from unclutterer) to make a smoothie and study or gather with a group. 

“We kind of wanted to have that coffee shop vibe where if you want to come in and get a juice and crack your books open it is set up for that,” Hudson said. 

For West Texas A&M senior education major Jordynn Penton, she has enjoyed having Squeezy Street as an option in Canyon. She first tried Squeezy Street in the summer and sees herself using the space to study. 

“I think that Squeezy Street has a great environment. Employees are always upbeat and seem happy about working there. They are always quick about getting me my order,” Penton said. “I keep wanting to come back, not just because of the quality of their drinks, but because it’s great customer service and welcoming atmosphere.”

The friendly service makes Penton want to go back and recommend her friends. When they can, Simmons and Hudson enjoy getting to know the people that come in. 

 “It’s the customers for sure, the people that come in are awesome, they are very gracious with us as we are learning, but everyone has just been so friendly,” 

As winter gets closer, the owners are planning on having more hot options to fit the weather. 

Squeezy Street Juice Bar is open 7 a.m.-8 p.m. and 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. Saturdays.  They have Wi-Fi available for customers.  It is a place where people can grab a healthy bite to eat, socialize, and study. 

“Come on in,” Hudson said. “They hear juice bar, and they think it is just juice, but we got something that everybody likes.”