The politics of wearing a mask

These strange times have caused the pandemic to become a hot political topic.
Alyssa Gonzales, Sports Editor November 30, 2020

Masks have somewhat become a norm for many with the ongoing pandemic. However, with all of the craziness that has come with 2020, wearing a mask has seemed to spark the most controversy. In July of...

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Kylie Scott named WTAMU Intern of the Year

“Of the several thousand students I have taught in my career, and the few hundred I have personally advised, I do not hesitate to say that Kylie is in the top one percent,
Mitchell Downing, Senior Reporter November 22, 2020

West Texas A&M University recently named Kylie Scott, a plant, soil and environmental science major, as Intern of the Year.  According to a WTAMU press release, Scott was honored Friday during...

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Conservatives flood alternative social media platforms

A large shift from such platforms as Twitter has already happened, but is not projected to last long.
Jonah Dietz, Senior Reporter November 21, 2020

As the election came to a close, the sitting president adamantly refused to concede. This caused him to be continually censored on Twitter for posting fallacious and misleading statements. A sense...

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The paws that walked the halls of the White House

There have been a number of presidential dogs throughout the course of history.
Alyssa Gonzales, Sports Editor November 16, 2020

Over the course of presidential history in the United States, almost all of the commanders-in-chief have had a four-legged friend by their side. After this historic election, another notable feat was achieved...

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COVID-19 continues to spread on campus

As the semester progresses, COVID-19 cases rise.
Jonah Dietz, Senior Reporter November 7, 2020

Since March 1 of 2020, West Texas A&M University has experienced 423 confirmed COVID-19 cases among both students and staff. According to the university’s website, which has been dutifully cataloguing...

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Randy Ray: From bass player to professor

This is the cover art for Legend 7's album Legend by the artist Legend.
Skylerr Patterson, Senior Reporter November 6, 2020

SRandy Ray, director of broadcast engineering and an associate lecturer of media communication at West Texas A&M University, has been a professor at WTAMU for the past 18 years. Ray has had years of experience...

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Homecoming during a different time

While times are different now due to COVID-19 the tradition of Homecoming still holds strong with the Buffaloes.
Ceasar Escalante, Senior Reporter October 29, 2020

While COVID-19 has affected many here on campus at WTAMU as well as cancel events that may spread the disease, one tradition that did carry on was the homecoming court being named at Buffalo Stadium this...

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Media Communication Association Online Event

The West Texas A&M’s  Mass Communication Department hosted a Media Communication Association meeting Thursday, Oct. 15 over zoom.
Skylerr Patterson, Senior Reporter October 23, 2020

The West Texas A&M University’s Media Communication Department hosted a Media Communication Association meeting Thursday, Oct. 15th over Zoom. The event included words from panelists Jill Whitfield,...

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Communication Department Head Dr. Trudy Hanson set to retire from WTAMU

Communication Department Head Dr. Trudy Hanson set to retire from WTAMU
Savannah Wesley, Editor-in-Chief October 20, 2020

Dr. Trudy Hanson, department head of the Department of Communication at West Texas A&M University, has completed 31 years of academic service and will be retiring this year. Hanson began teaching as...

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Greenlighting season during COVID-19

Advising services encourages students to get greenlighted as soon as possible.
Alyssa Gonzales, Sports Editor October 19, 2020

As the end of the fall semester begins, students now have the task of setting up appointments and choosing their classes for the spring semester. For lower classmen, greenlighting appointments must...

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WTAMU First-Time Voters

Jeffrey Williams, Senior Reporter October 16, 2020

In less than one month from now, the 2020 presidential election will come and go. The result? We'll see in the coming weeks, but for now, we asked students about the upcoming election. For many, this...

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In the eyes of the artist

Jessica Person's 31 eyes piece in the men's bathroom of Mary Moody Northen Hall.
Skylerr Patterson, Senior Reporter October 15, 2020

Art is more than a hobby. Art is essential to human life, especially for West Texas A&M University’s own Jessica Person, a sophomore studio arts major with an emphasis in drawing and sculpture making....

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