WT Counseling Services Reach Students at Home

April 3, 2020

COPY BY: Brittany Castillo, 806-236-3529, [email protected]

CONTACT: Becky Warren, 806-651-2340, [email protected]

CANYON, Texas—“Ongoing support, even at a distance”: That’s what counseling services at West Texas A&M University is reminding students in light of the University’s recent digital transition.

Online counseling is quickly becoming a necessity for the well-being of many in times of uncertainty, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread. Organizations and higher education institutions like WT have been challenged to quickly adapt to meet the needs of their communities, which also includes reminding students of existing resources like Therapy Assisted Online (TAO).

TAO is an online counseling service launched by WT in 2018 to meet the varying needs of students with time constraints or who sought greater confidentiality. The platform addresses common mental health challenges like anxiety and depression with two features – modules that are self-paced for individual assessment and personalized video sessions with a licensed WT counselor. The modules allow for complete anonymity, and the video sessions have all the customization and attention of in-person support. Students can do either or both.

“Therapy is an important aspect of staying healthy always, and online therapy is just as important in times of social distancing to promote public health. TAO was a great tool to extend our services two years ago, but it’s been a game-changer in recent weeks. Whether you complete the programs or just poke around in what TAO has to offer, the online support can significantly promote your day-to-day mental health. I encourage everyone to lean on these services no matter your level of need,” Becky Warren, TAO coordinator, said.

WT students who were already using TAO are reminded to include it in your at-home routine, and those new to its services are invited to sign up here by completing an online form. Currently, the platform is only available to students residing in Texas due the existing licensing agreement; however, students outside of Texas are encouraged to consult a WT counselor for referrals in where they live.

The WT counseling network is a host of knowledge for resources to meet the needs of students in varying circumstance and location. No matter the degree of a person’s needs, therapeutic support whether in-person or online has been proven to heighten sense of well-being and stability.

For more information about TAO or for assistance finding resources, students should contact WT counseling services at 806-651-2340.