The voice of WTAMU athletics being recognized


Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Farber

Brad Stark being given the honor of receiving a scholarship in his name through WT Athletics

You may have heard him while in the bleachers of your favorite West Texas A&M athletic event, public address announcer Brad Stark will be honored with his very own scholarship created through WTAMU athletics.

“I think the games that he calls for us. I mean, he is widely recognized as one of the top public address announcers in the region and he does a lot of national events as well. At these games that he calls the level of enthusiasm and excitement and energy in our venues is certainly higher,” director of intercollegiate athletics, Michael McBroom said

This scholarship will be available for WTAMU student athletes who are pursuing a degree in communications and broadcasting, certainly helping with the cost that a university education brings.

According to, “The Amarillo native has been the soundtrack of countless historic moments in WTAMU history as he serves as the public address voice for volleyball, football, basketball, softball and numerous other university events.”

With Brad Stark being an important piece to WTAMU, it feels right that he’s being honored with a scholarship in his name to further recognize him for all he has done for the WTAMU community.

“I mean, I applaud the athletics department, the department of athletics for coming up with the Brad Stark Scholarship,” Bivens professor of political science Dr. David Rausch said

With Brad Stark being here for almost more than 40 years, he has left a positive impression on WTAMU athletics.

The scholarship is still growing and looking for donations in order to help raise the most money possible.

“There are some people, some fans that had the idea to raise money to establish the scholarship. So, the idea was brought to us by long time fans,” McBroom said.

A legacy is not short of what Brad Stark has done for not only his job, but also the fans hearing him chant the names of players running onto the court and hyping the crowd up when the Buffaloes score. This is a feeling unlike any other and as a spectator of the various sports teams he announces for, you can definitely feel the energy in the room go through the roof when he starts announcing.

“So sometimes there’s money leftover. And there’s you can give money to a student who wants to take a student athlete who wants to take summer classes. But yeah, I think that the stark scholarship, that’s a great idea.,” Dr. Rausch said.

Brad Stark is not only being recognized but, created a scholarship for that will be at WT for many years to come helping students pay for college and being recognized will certainly solidify his importance here at WTAMU.