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Money Management Bootcamp for the Buffs

The third annual Advanced Money Management Bootcamp has been underway and will continue to host workshops through next week with panels covering topics such as building credit responsibly, paying off student debt and growing savings, home buying and many more all through the month of April.

“The way we set it up is just, we call it advanced by mentioned boot camp, because it’s tailored for juniors and seniors. It’s to prep them, getting ready to graduate. And things is going to happen in real life. It’s no longer in college, how are your finances going to change when you graduate? So, I was I just really hope that when they take away things, is that they don’t want to wait things that they can actually apply to their life outside of the college situation,” said senior environmental science major, Trey Livingston.

Kicking off Advanced Money Management Bootcamp started with a relationships and finances panel with special guest speakers, Dr. and Mrs. Wendler, who spoke on their experiences with money as well as Abby Betts and Todd and Darcy Webber, who all gave advice and stories speaking on the ups and downs that come with relationships and finances and how to be prepared if that situation is to ever occur.

In a statement from Bootcamp, “A few things we wish we would have known in college is how to stay out of debt, how much do we need to have in savings, and how to pay for college without going into debt,” the Webbers said.

The bootcamp is set to host the home buying panel of Advanced Money Management Bootcamp Friday, April 16, 2021 at 10:00am in person at AGS 215 or via zoom with special guest Trent Tyson, a WTAMU alumni along with various other panels covering different topics.

“It’s not embarrassing to get a job at McDonald’s before you get the job that you’re looking for. And it also isn’t embarrassing to start, like I started in my career services as an admin with a master’s degree. And sometimes I was like, should I be embarrassed about this, but I love, love, love what I did and , I sometimes miss that job. But I love, love, love what I do now and like starting there, got me here. And I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that job. And so don’t be Don’t be embarrassed by the title. Sometimes you gotta just have the job so that you can pay the rent and have food,” said Abby Betts, senior career service coordinator for Career Services.

This is the third Advanced
Money Management Bootcamp that West Texas A&M University has put together with skills that some who sign up might find very helpful, especially if you are getting ready to graduate and go forward in your journey.
For more information regarding the list of panels and their scheduled dates, check out this link.


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