Homecoming traditions in Texas create joy for Texans


A graphic image created by Victoria Fatiregun showcasing Texas colors. (Canyon, TX, Tuesday Oct. 19 2021)

Homecoming is an event where there are kickbacks, and celebrations for heading towards the end of a semester. It is also celebrated by having home games.

So what is different about Homecoming in Texas and why are the traditions important?

Homecoming in Texas includes mums, which are corsages originating from boys giving flowers to their dates. The tradition exploded over the years and now there are huge corsages. It is a fun way for people to get together and have some fun during Homecoming.

Homecoming traditions in Texas celebrate families, friendships and relationships through food, drink and a good football game.

People come from far away to enjoy time with their loved ones and oftentimes organizations will plan fun events during Homecoming such as the Roaring 20’s Homecoming at West Texas A&M University, which hosted a large group of events.

Homecoming also includes choosing a homecoming King and Queen, who are voted in by the student body.

It is a way to have some fun and celebrate people with everyone else that you are with at college.

There is also Spirit Week, where people are able to dress up as funny things and celebrate with their friends.

Spirit Week includes a dance and it is a way to enjoy with your classmates and friends as the year heads to a close.

Homecoming came about primarily due to welcoming back student alumni and it also exploded into the huge tradition that it is today. It is truly a time to celebrate.

As someone raised in the United Kingdom, I am not accustomed to the Homecoming traditions, but I would often see them on television through the films and television shows I would watch.

I think the traditions are interesting and mirror some of the ones Britain used to have like “May Day”, in which agricultural women would go out and dance, have drinks and party to celebrate spring.

I also really like the idea of themes during spirit week, and I think it is a good way to get everyone excited. I look forward to experiencing more Homecoming traditions in Texas.