The New KWTS

KWTS, The One 91.1 FM “The station for your generation.” The name and slogan of West Texas A&M University’s own student-run radio station. Using 100 watts to air only throughout the campus when it first launched on October 1st, 1972. As the station’s 50th anniversary approached, an idea to do something big was introduced. 

It was decided through a long, creative process that the station would be reformatted to all-90s. 

“We were kind of debating with the 50th anniversary coming up, what big announcements [and] what big thing we should do,” says Broadcast Engineer, Dane Glenn, when asked about the idea for reformatting the station occurred, “it ultimately landed on the 90s.” 

Such a change could only call for one of two types of responses from listeners. 

“Overall, we’ve heard nothing but great things,” says Program Director and full-time student, Isaiah Tanner, “[we] had a few people that were a little uncertain at first, but once we actually got the ball rolling and had it up and running, it was nothing but good.”