Women entrepreneurs talk about being business owners


Blass Guerrero

Students gathered in Legacy Hall with Gina Woodward as the moderator with Amelia Balderrama, Colette Lane and Mindi McLain.

On Oct. 15, the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business hosted ‘A Woman in Business’ event with three local women in business, Amelia Balderrama, President & CEO of iDocket; Colette Lane, Co-Founder of Ruthette’s Bridal and Mindi McLain, Partner of Wright Law.

Gina Woodward, Regional Director of West Texas A&M University’s Small Business Development Center, was the moderator for the Q&A. The event discusses how they started their business, why they chose this path and the advice they give college women wanting to start a business.

McLain talked about when she bought a law firm with 10-15 people. She explained how scary and challenging it was from day one, never having experience as a business owner.

“I literally had to learn how to do my own payroll, pay my own taxes and hire people,” McLain said. “I know that you don’t know when you’re starting, but that’s kind of my story; a more traditional way of going about this.”

Balderrama graduated from WT with an equine business industry and business degree. She bought her business, iDocket, from her father in 2019. Her father has been someone she looked up to, and she could talk about business and express herself to find people you speak with.

“So as I come in, I say, ‘Hey, I had a great idea to solve mental illness or mass violence, and he just listened to me as a great soundboard,” Balderrama said. “I think that’s really important to find people like that and know who you can have those relationships with.”

Lane talked about the highs and lows of owning a bridal shop. She explained how there were some days when they would not see sales and how it affected their mental health.

“You just kind of have to take a day off, just not focus on it and speak with someone about it, and then move on,” Lane said. “Then also you feel like it is something that maybe needs a little bit further extension of health, as in medication or something natural or therapy.”

Students like Leslie Ruhle, a freshmen general studies major, enjoyed the event and said it motivated her to succeed in her career.

“I have been thinking of opening a business after college, and getting the perspective of three women who are in the field inspires me to push with my goal,” Ruhle said.