H.D Studio provides new learning opportunities

Halei Skinner

HD Studio will give more opportunities to students. Photo by Frankie Sanchez.

This month will mark a new era for the broadcasting department. The new AT& T H.D Studio will be dedicated on September 30th.

This studio is one of a few H.D Studios on a college campus according to Randy Ray, director of broadcasting.

The overall cost of the studio was around 1.2 million dollars. 600,000 dollars was donated by the University and the rest was donated by the College of Fine Arts and Humanities. The studio is named after AT& T because they provided the endowment to begin the process.

“With this studio we will have a wider range of opportunities to learn new aspects of our field,” Tawni Buhler, a senior broadcasting major, said.

Tawni is the legal apprentice for KWTS and the H.D Studio. She is also a crew director for the studio. This summer, she along with other students, created a model for use of the H.D Studio.

“Creating a working studio model is something you would only have the opportunity to do in the professional field, not as a student,” Buhler said.

Not only is the department changed by the addition of the studio, but so is the curriculum.

“H.D. Video is so much better that we will have to change some of the things we teach,” Ray said.

“Things ranging from the way we frame a shot, to the way we apply make up. H. D requires less lighting to create a picture, so lighting techniques will be taught different.”

Ray said that the studio offers the opportunity to work on different types of projects.

“One of the greatest things about this studio is that you can integrate Pro Tools into the studio,” Ray said. “So not only do the students that like video have a new opportunity, so do the audio students.”

The dedication is to begin at 11 a.m. at the Sybil B. Harrington Fine Arts Complex. Entrance into the dedication requires an invitation.


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