Active Learning Center demos new ways of learning

Jennifer Davis enjoying the furniture test. Photo by Alex Montoya.

Jennifer Davis enjoying the furniture test. Photo by Alex Montoya.

Until Nov. 17, the JBK will be test-driving a new, modern way to learn and share things from the computer.

Basically, it is furniture for collaboration when learning, said Chance Haugen, director of the JBK Student Center.

“Because technology has become more of a requirement for college students it helps them by meeting these needs that are becoming a necessity instead of a luxury,” he said.Haugen said there has been no discussion on where the furniture will be placed

“It was an opportunity to bring furniture that nobody has on campus and to see the reaction to it,” he said. “But it seems the collaboration effect has been important and student seem to have enjoy it. It would be a good investment.”

Management major, Kasey Borchardt, said she has heard great things about the technology.

“I haven’t had the time to check it out but it seems really cool to use,” she said.

Borchardt said if they were to install this equipment, it would be a great idea to place them in the JBK and the HELC.

“Placing two of them in the JBK would be great since students don’t use the quiet time around here,” she said. “And one in the HELC would be great too.”

Philosophy professor David Hart said students would feel comfortable with the furniture and equipment.

“It would be a fun place to come with friends and other students,” he said. “I think [WT students] would like it.”

Hart also said the furniture for the center is a nicer place to be in than the dining area.

“It would be a great place to come and share information with your friends when you pull it up on the bigger screen,” said Hart.