Android app development class open for fall 2012

Jacob Cain

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The WTAMU Computer Science department will offer a class in mole app development in the fall.

“We’ve already begun discussing what student projects might look like and some of those may well be in a collaboration with civil and mechanical engineering,” H. Paul Haiduk, instructor of Computer Sciences, said. “Developing apps for data acquisition in our labs…we’re pretty excited about it.”

Haiduk will also teach the class in the fall.Vance Morris, a senior Computer Science major, offered his opinion about why the class would focus on apps for the Android rather than Apple.

“In my opinion because Android is an open platform, the type of apps have more potential for engineering apps… and you don’t pay Apple anything,” he said. Vance won third place in the last IBM Master the Mainframe competition.

The open software found on the Android is the primary reason the class will focus on the platform, rather than Apple.

Students like Mark Warren, a freshman Computer Science Software Engineering major, are excited for the class.

“I think that (the class) is smart for WT, it’s where programming is going,” said Warren. “Mobile apps are a large part of software engineering that people don’t think about.”

The capacity of the class will be limited to about 25 students.

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Android app development class open for fall 2012