Students reflect on the history of Connor Hall

It is no secret that West Texas A&M is a university that has a long and virtuous history. When in Canyon, Texas it is visible that students have Buff Pride and their school pride knows no barriers. With so much school pride, WTAMU students from all diverse and unique backgrounds can come together as one decisive unit. Whether students are in or out of class, the unity is still tight with schoolwork, and students at Connor Hall are no different.

Connor Hall is a dorm located alongside Russell Long Blvd. This dorm is unique because it houses honor students for the university. Various honors students do in fact call this dorm home all academic year when they are not in class.

“The same contract requirements follow as they do for any other dorm,” said Honors Assistant and junior biology and environmental sciences major, Monica Ghosh, “So yes, students do live there all academic year round unless they specifically choose to leave by then.”

Honor students who call Connor Hall their home for the year do have a place to stay for the academic year. Students have a place to hang out, watch television and study. Studying plays a huge part for students who live at Connor.

To be considered an honor student, one must qualify under the basics of entry for GPA, ACT/SAT scores, or recommended graduation plans from high school. Students also have to sign a contract with the Attebury Honors Program and must maintain a 3.5 GPA with WTAMU each semester.

They must also complete the core and seminar requirements for their honors degree plan. Students living at Connor are no strangers to hitting the textbooks and studying to maintain their GPA. Students have their various hot spots to study for class like Palace, the JBK or their dorms.

“The main lobby is my favorite study spot if I’m not in my room,” said Conner Hall Residential Assistant and sophomore corporate communication and marketing major Semone Armstrong. “There are a lot of people and things in there that can entertain me while I procrastinate.”

For this academic year, there was a little change to the dorm. Connor Hall is indeed an honors dorm, but when it came to the filling out process, it saw some changes.

“In the previous years it has been singularly honors, and it’s still listed as the honors dorm,” sophomore English major Joshua Copas said, “But this past year, we had a smaller group of freshmen come in, so we had difficulty filling the rooms, and this is just how I understand it. With the closing of Stafford and Cousins, we have a lot more people who need housing, so there’s some no-honors.”

With the closing of these dorms and non-honor students moving in, students still find a way to see that the pros outweigh the cons. One of the main complaints students voice about the dorm is the lack of air conditioning. However, students still inhabit the dorm.

“I would say some pros are how small it is just because it gives me the ability to talk to everyone and know everyone,” said Chloe Ellison, junior computer information systems major.

No matter where the West Texas wind blows these Buffaloes it will show that WTAMU will not mind having unity whenever or wherever.