Not a box, but The Box

There are many well-known and historic buildings on West Texas A&M University’s campus, some to include are the arenas, courts and fields where the Buff and Lady Buff athletes play hard each week.

The Box has served as the home for WTAMU volleyball for almost 70 years

One of these historical places being The Box. Initially, the WTAMU Fieldhouse was built in 1951 and was initially the place to be for Buff and Lady Buff basketball. However, in 2002 the First United Bank Center was built and became the home for WTAMU basketball. According to, This would in turn allow The Box to be “renovated to become one of a select few ‘volleyball-only’ arenas in NCAA Division II.” 

The Box can seat approximately 2,557 people and has had a slew of dedicated and passionate fans that pack the seats to cheer on the Lady Buff volleyball team each season. 

“I just think it’s excitement. The girls that is closeness and, and they’re always so first of all, they always make it a point to let you know how much they appreciate your support,” said former WTAMU employee, Donna Walser. 

The Lady Buffs that call The Box home have had a number of impressive seasons and will be making their 27th NCAA Tournament appearance this year. 

“I mean, there’s nothing like it and the way it’s laid out, it’s often just because you feel like the crowd is right on you,” said head volleyball coach, Kendra Potts.

Potts has created a number of memories in The Box as both a player and a head coach. 

“I mean, one of my favorite memories is, I guess it was my sophomore year when we had Augustana College come play in a tournament and it was completely packed. I think there were over 1500 people there and you just felt like you had, you know, an extra man on the court just because of the environment of the crowd,” Potts said. 

The Lady Buffs have continued to play hard and secured a win that has put them in the playoffs again this season.

“Here recently, our last match at The Box against Midwestern with the first round of playoffs. We’re starting to kind of get back to that, that environment, which really excites me for the future,” Potts said. 

Potts played for WTAMU and is a three time All-American. Potts is also the Lone Star Conference’s all-time assists leader with a total of 6,087. 

“You feel like the crowd is right on you. And so, of course, it being our gym, I feel like that’s a great advantage in just the spirit of the fans, really,” Potts said.

The Lady Buffs will travel to Denver, Colorado to take on the San Angelo State University Rambelles for the South Central Regional Playoffs.