Is the adult Happy Meal really worth it?

McDonald’s recently added adult Happy Meals to their menu for a limited time. The Happy Meal comes with two meal options of your choice and a toy. But is the Happy Meal really worth it? I believe it’s not, let me explain why.

When McDonald’s says limited time, they mean it. Only a few days after McDonald’s announced their adult Happy Meals they were completely sold out in Canyon. With the McDonald’s app, I was able to find a location in stock rather than driving all around Amarillo. Driving 25 minutes for the same meal I could get three minutes away was my first let down.

I purchased the ten-piece nugget meal, which included a medium fry and drink. The other option available is a Big Mac burger with the same size fry and drink. The total for the adult Happy Meal was $9.69. For an original ten-piece nugget meal the cost is $8.08. You’re paying,roughly, two dollars more for a toy and a box. The box will likely get thrown out so you’re really paying for the toy. I think paying a little bit more for an experience that brings you joy and happy memories is worth it, but the outcome I received was not.

When I was given the adult Happy Meal I expected a box, sadly that was not the case. I received a paper bag just like any other meal, the McDonald’s worker assured me they were sold out of boxes but not the toys. This took away from the experience,but I was still happy to receive a toy that brought me memories as a child.

Overall, I love how McDonald’s brought happiness to adults around the world with an experience they didn’t know they needed. My personal experience with the adult Happy Meal could have been better. I believe the adult Happy Meal is only worth purchasing once, that’s if you can get your hands on it.