Behind the major with Myka Bailey: Getting into the NFL

Myka Bailey is a sophomore double major in media communication and public relations with advertising and applied communication here at West Texas A&M University. Bailey is from Abernathy, Texas and has become very involved in her short time here. She works as a resident assistant, a peer leader and is involved in several other ways on campus.

Bailey’s passion for media communications began in high school. As a senior, she was a part of the speech and debate team, where she soon found a love for the aspects of speech and essentially, it led her to pursue a communication degree.

“It (WT) has actually given me a lot of opportunities, ones I didn’t expect,” said Bailey. “I came here kind of just hoping that, you know, I would grow as a person, but I grew spiritually, mentally, and as a leader too.”

The initial interest in WT for Bailey was the location. Being from Abernathy and the distance to WT is almost 2 hours. An ideal sweet spot for being away from home but not too far from the nest. Ideally, the distance allows easy visits home to her family but enough distance away to be on her own.

“I would love to work in sports exercise,” said Bailey. “It would be ideal to work for a National Football League team, more specifically, the Kansas City Chiefs in Missouri.”

Working for the NFL in communications has a ton of opportunities. For instance, most occupations in that field with the NFL would involve assisting in developing and managing plans and strategies in the business and media side, such as sponsorship. Other responsibilities include covering activity across the country, executing ways to grow the team’s efforts in the fanbase and coordinating with media platforms and the news.

“I actually have researched how to work in the NFL,” said Bailey. “In order to work under the NFL or any sports organization, you have to have a bachelor’s in either public relations or media communications. So, that is when I decided to double major.”

Aside from being a resident assistant and peer leader, Bailey is also actively involved in the Baptist Student Ministries and intramural sports. Aside from school, Bailey enjoys playing the piano, spending time in the activities center, either playing volleyball or basketball, hanging out with friends and going to the gym.

As Bailey completes her double majors at WT, she hopes to continue building friendships and getting more involved in the university community.