Student Government in Action: President-Elect Filiberto Avila

Student Government in Action is a feature series that focuses on the role and impact of student government in promoting leadership skills and engagement among students. The series highlights the experiences and achievements of student leaders who are actively involved in their student government and showcases how they have made a positive impact on the WT community through their leadership.

Filiberto Avila is a digital communications and media major. Avila grew up in Spearman, Texas, about two hours north of West Texas A&M University. Avila chose to attend WT to stay close to his family and has known many influential people who attend WT.

Avila was a senator for the Sybil B. Harrington College of Fine Arts and Humanities and was the Academic Affairs Committee Chairman. In addition, he has served in student government for two years.

“So, I decided to run for student body president because I’ve been in student government for two years now, mastered in different capacities,” Avila said. ”I want to be able to elaborate on the things that we’ve already had, and that is going on, and just make it more open and accessible to the students and the surrounding community as well.”

Student government Avila and academic affairs offered students on the 2022 fall President’s Dean’s List a free coupon partnering with Aramark on campus. Another accomplishment was the upcoming Student Government Association Academic Partnership Awards Committee, awarding faculty, students, programs and organizations across campus. Some of the awards categories include academic leadership, academic learning, community engagement and among others.

In his upcoming role as student body president, Avila wants to bring the campus community closer with partnerships.

“So I campaigned on three things which were community, services and student success. With regard to community, I really want to create and establish partnerships across campus,” Avila said. “However, sometimes they’re underutilized, or they’re not very well known, and so with student government, I want to make sure that we bring those services to a more well-known level and utilize them as much as we can.”

As president, Avila wants to be there to listen to students when issues like the “Buffs Around the World” incident from last year and the drag show cancellation by WT President, Dr. Walter Wendler.

“It is in my capacity to make sure that I stand firm and not my beliefs, but the beliefs of the student body, to make sure that I hear everyone from every background opinions,” Avila said. “Students need to make use of that power and be aware that they have this power, and I do think whether you were on site A or site B, I think regardless of which side I think you should stand up for what you believe in.”

Avila and Student Body Vice President-Elect Zyna Juma will be inaugurated on April 28 at 7 p.m. at the Harrington Academic Hall in Amarillo.