In favor of government: Things are better than people think

During the last 18 months there have been important changes in government policies regarding international affairs, economic regulations, and health care. The results, in spite of the efforts of the opponents to distort the reality, are impressive.

Behind are the times when what most countries of the world expected from the American government was a military agreement or a menace. The new government has promoted peaceful negotiations in Mideast and respectful relations with former counterparts. The civilized mechanisms put in place had recovered the US leadership to successfully tackle the world economic crisis and to deal with the claimed manipulation of the Yuan and the nuclear menace from Iran. Time will say if scaling the presence in Afghanistan was a mistake. But to stop combat operations in Iraq after a $3 trillion cost for the economy was a must.

The internal situation was not lesser challenge. While American citizens were hypnotized by the winds of war, the oil companies were drilling unsafe offshore holes, the speculators were busy creating a bubble, and the insurers were doubling healthcare premiums. The approval of the bailout, the stimulus plan and the financial regulations minimizes the risks of another economic crash and reestablishes confidence. Private companies are creating more jobs, although, employment is still the main concern. “It all comes down to jobs” says Dr. Syed Tarik Anwar, professor of International Business, but “things cannot be fixed in two years. We need to understand facts and follow logical processes.”

One of the first steps was the health care reform which reduces the current premiums while covering 30 million more people in the next decade at a cost of only 3% of total expenses in health care. A big part of it, charged to insurers and pharmaceuticals that, until now, made extra money at the expense of American’s health. “When it is implemented [the health care reform] people won’t want to give it up” Dr. Reed Welch, Political Science and Criminal Justice department’s head said. In addition, the federal deficit will decrease in $124 billions over 10 years.

There are still unattended problems; the migratory reform is an example. But what really undermines the achievements is disinformation. Government’s opponents use the media to counter any initiative in unfair ways, convincing people that the federal government is taking over health care. It is exactly the opposite. The government encourages the creation of private companies (exchanges) to do it. They also claim that unemployment is a cause of current policies. “Financial regulations and stimulus are achievements that a lot of people did not want”. Dr. Welch, said. But Dr. Anwar explains that there are cycles in which the only way to recover jobs is by creating a new industry “Some jobs are not coming back”.

The senate will decide if alternative sources of energy will be that industry.

Knowing the real facts will make the difference in the voter’s mind. To get informed out of Glenn Beck’s shows about the government’s conspiratorial plans, may be good to vent frustrations, but it is useless to make clever decisions.