Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm closes season

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

Local News Story. Art by Chris Brockman.

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As the Halloween holiday draws nearer to an end, seasonal activity spots come to a close. Maxwell’s Pumpkin Farm celebrated its last weekend open this past weekend.

Maxwell’s has a variety of activities available for the public including zip lines, a giant maze, hay rides, and slides just to name a few.

“My personal favorite attraction was riding the hay ride and being able to pick out which pumpkins we wanted from the field,” Baylee McCluskey, a Maxwell’s customer, said. “It was better than a road side pumpkin patch and felt more authentic. The pumpkins were half price so we were able to get a lot of them.”

Maxwell’s is also a hot spot for field trips and welcomes students from age three through the 12th grade. Schools are able to enjoy lunch on the farm, the activities offered, and picking out pumpkins.

“Maxwell’s makes field trips very easy for the teachers,” Charlotte Bynum, Margaret Wills Elementary School teacher, said. “They are organized and very helpful with bringing our lunches to us and taking our pumpkins to the front so it is easier for us to load them on the buses. It also helps us not to worry about keeping up with them. They make it very easy and less stressful for the teachers.”

“The students get the chance to see the lifecycle of a pumpkin and pick their pumpkin as well,” Bynum said. “Some students have never been exposed to or been on a farm before, so it is exciting to see their reaction to seeing all the animals, the pumpkins, and corn fields. Maxwell’s offers a little bit of everything.”

Field trips are offered Tuesday-Friday and are made by reservations. Three different time slots are available for booking.

“It is a good field trip spot because it gives kiddos time to experience an environment outside of the classroom,” Caley Compton, said. “I think they [the students] love the obstacle corn maze, the huge dirt slides and being able to pick their own pumpkins right off the vine.”

“All the kids that we saw there running around seemed happy and care free, the way kids should be,” McCluskey said. “What was even more awesome was the parents were having fun too. Everything that there is to do there is parent friendly.”