VCOM Episode 1: Slyly Sneaking


Will Amos, Senior Reporter

Guess what! We here at The Prairie found the best solution to boredom, The VCOM unit! Consisting of Preston, Gabriel, and their commander, Will! This week VCOM debriefs everyone on how soul crushingly hard XCOM 2 is, while also being amazing compared to XCOM: EU/EW. They also talk about how Sanzaru games wrote Sly Cooper’s epitaph, why Freedom Force isn’t good despite the praise it received from critics, and how awesome Batman Beyond is.

Musical Credits:
Intro Music: “X-Com Enemy Unknown Theme – Rocking Mix” by Fnotte
Mid-Break Music: “Land of the Gonk – 2015 Edition” by ATEB1T3R
Ending Music: “Sonic 3 Re-Imagined – Data Select Screen” by Tee Lopes