10 Stereotypes about Sorority Girls


Gissel Olivas, Reporter

Everyone has their own opinion about sororities and the girls that are a part of them. Although some of the stereotypes seen a lot of times may be true, most of them are not.

Here are the top 10 most common stereotypes that are also not true.

  1. Sorority girls are dumb.

Hi, I have called to inform you that in order to be in a sorority, there is a certain GPA girls have to uphold in order to stay in that sorority. So no, sorority girls are not dumb. The girls are actually very smart and work hard to earn the best grades they possibly can. We have an entire committee dedicated to helping girls with their grades and they also penalize those who are not meeting the set GPA. We actually do care about our education just as much, if not more, as everyone else.


  1. We are all “the same”

We are not all the same. Most sororities have girls that are extremely diverse. There are education majors to criminal justice majors, loud girls and shy girls, and everything in between. There are no two girls that are alike. We may be sisters, but we all have our unique qualities that makes us the person we are.


  1. We pay for friends.

Yes, we may pay dues to pay for all the events we do throughout the semester but there is absolutely no way to put a price on friendship. Sisters are there for each other in any and all situations, they help you in anything you ask them, and they are really your sisters. Even after some girls graduate, they keep in touch with their sisters and continue being there for them.


  1. All sorority girls do is party.

Actually that is a lie. Yes we do go out on weekends and have fun but that is not all we do. That is not what a sorority is about. We do hours and hours of community service and help our philanthropies. We have leadership roles not only in the sisterhood but all around campus as well so we cannot be putting ourselves under a bad light. Sororities have values and morals to follow.


  1. We are all girly girls.

Not every sorority girls wear skirts, pearls, and pastels. There are girls that are complete tomboys who are always in shorts and a t-shirt. We have things to do so we cannot be in dresses and heels all the time. However when we do have special events, of course we will be glammed out.


  1. We cannot play sports.

Just because we are sorority girls doesn’t mean we are not athletic. We have girls that play all kinds of sports and are great at it. We even put together intramural teams and dominate. Having a competitive drive only adds to our desire of playing sports and doing anything to win.


  1. We don’t worry about money.

We pay expensive dues but that does not mean that we don’t stress out about money like every other college student. Not all of us are blessed with daddy’s money and we actually have to work to buy everything we want. There are some days that all of us are so dirt poor that all we do is go over to each others places and Netflix or have a game night because we don’t have any money to spend. If you ask most of us who pays for our dues, we will say that we pay for them ourselves.


  1. We don’t have friends outside our sisterhood.

Negative. We have friends that are in other sororities, we have friends that are in fraternities, we have friends all around campus. Just because you have sisters doesn’t meant that we stay away from everyone else on campus. It’s actually quite the opposite, we are more social because we have so many connections to people through our sisters.


  1. Our sisterhood is fake.

Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors of a sorority. Yeah there may be girls that might not like each other but that’s just life. You are not going to like everyone you meet and that’s okay. Even with this, during tough times, your sisters are people you know for certain will always be there for you regardless of the situation and do anything in their power to make you feel better. We have a connection with one another that nobody can understand.


  1. Girls in sororities are superficial.

Most people think that we are all shallow and care about nothing but ourselves but the reality is that we spend the majority of our time doing things for others. That is the reason we have philanthropies, to be able to donate our time to help a certain charity or organization. We are always all around campus attending different events and supporting our fellow classmates. There are things that are more important to us than just brand names and appearances.


So there you have it, all those sorority myths put to rest. Remember next time you see a sorority don’t be that person that falls for the stereotypical thoughts of these wonderful girls. I may be a little bias, but girls that are a part of Greek life are types of girls you want to be around.