“Ranking” Album Review

Ranking Album Review

Geordan Venison, Reporter

In 2014, I was still in high school, wide-eyed and finally experimenting in music. I was strolling through YouTube one day and I came across a young group named “Ranking”. A peculiar named New York rap trio led by rappers named Wiki, Hak, and the producer Sporting Life. I remember being confused but mesmerized in their very original sound that was a mixture of the typical New York boom-bap production and the popular European Grime style. Little did I know they had just released a new project that changed the way hip-hop sounded to me at sixteen-years-old.
The album was eleven songs long and was from the source as much as possible. Meaning, Hak and Wiki wrote all of their verses and all of the production mainly headed by Sporting Life. The album has some of my favorite songs of all-time that I still know word for word to this day.
But the main reason I think everyone should check out this project is because of its originality. There is no other group or rapper that has a sound such like this, that sounds as passionate as Wiki or as melodic as Hak or over an aggressive but smooth, pulsating beat. This album isn’t for sensitive ears and can sometimes a little too repetitive, but with the albums home-run swings, some of these songs don’t miss at all.
Rating: 9/10
Most Favorites:  “Canal”, “Snow Beach”, “So Sick Stories”, “Eat”, “So It Goes”, “Take
Least Favorites: Puerto Rican Judo”, “Remove Ya”.