Help for Harvey

The Prairie Editorial Staff

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If you have opened any form of media in the last couple weeks, you have witnessed the incredible damage left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

This storm became the first major hurricane to hit the U.S. in over 12 years when it hit the Texas coast on August 25. It has left thousands without basic needs, displaced countless farm and domestic animals and has taken at least 60 human lives so far.

Another key fact to remember is the estimated 25,000-40,000 Hurricane Katrina refugees who now call Houston home. Almost to the day 12 years after they battled flooding from Katrina in New Orleans, they are now treading the same waters a state away.

What can we monetarily-challenged college students do about it here in Canyon, nine and a half hours north?

WTAMU joined dozens of other schools in setting up a Fill the Fleet event, where we are sending 18-wheelers to Houston filled with basic supplies such as toilet paper and packs of water bottles. Outside of that, students can donate to the American Red Cross. Even instead of going to the website, all you have to do is text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 for relief efforts on the coast.

Another way is when you walk into the Canyon Walmart, there is a collection box for Harvey victims. Some items that the Red Cross has asked for include toilet paper, diapers, underwear, bleach, paper towels, coloring books, puzzles and other toys for kids in shelters, shoes, socks and basic baby items. There are also options to donate at United if that is your preferred store.

Lastly, a free and easy way to help is to donate blood. The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is in dire need of over 2,000 units of blood, at last update. Going to the Texas Blood Institute website will give you any information needed to make that decision.

College students, while we may be poor, tend to have giving hearts. Here is where we put our “save the world” urges to the test. It is not about how much you give; just that you gave at all. I think we can all go without a Sharky’s or Starbucks this week to help people who have a few feet of water in their houses.

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