Get ‘REC’ed with Group X

With 2020 in full swing, many made resolutions to get fit and be more active. For a college student, that can be easier said than done. However, with the help of Group X, students can get and stay “buff” with a number of different programs and classes. 

Photo Courtesy of WT Rec Sports

According to the web page for Group X “These classes are designed to challenge your mind and body, but don’t worry – you’ll have a certified instructor guiding you to ensure you get the most out of each class.” 

Brought to students with the help of West Texas A&M University  rec sports, Group X provides a total of ten group exercise classes currently being offered at the Virgil Henson Activity Center such as water aerobics and yoga. Students can choose from a variety of options that best fit their interests. 

“Classes are designed for group participation, coming with friends, and working together towards a common goal, health and wellness,” said Austin Farley, assistant director of recreational sports. 

Pricing is also convenient for WTAMU students. With students fees that include entrance into the VHAC, classes offered by Group X have no additional cost. 

“I enjoy that I can better myself while having fun with like minded people and just not be judged,” sophomore animal science major Ustina Guirguis said. 

Students tend to have busy schedules that could consist of class, homework, work and extracurriculars. With so much going on, it can be hard to take time out of the week to workout or attend fitness classes. However, Group X has a number of classes offered during the mornings before class and evenings after class. 

“The classes are geared towards working for students times with academic commitments and a way to break from academics and studying to exercise,” Farley said. 

Group X is an opportunity for students to join their friends or even make new ones while getting their weekly dose of fitness. Students don’t have to be qualified in any way for the classes. They should just come with enthusiasm and a willingness to get a bit sweaty. 

“Even though it’s a workout, it doesn’t really feel like it. I can go at my own pace or push myself to go harder and faster than last time,” said Guirguis. 

If there are certain classes that students want to join but can’t due to timing, or if there are classes that aren’t offered that students want to participate in, there could be more opportunities in the future. 

“Classes are always changing, new ones being added, and if students have certifications, want to teach, the opportunity is there to become an instructor,” said Farley. 

Non-WTAMU students such as WTAMU staff and members of the community can also join the classes offered by Group X with a membership or daily pass to the VHAC. 

So, the next time you’re looking for a great way to get fit, learn something new, or could use a break from studying and need a quick cardio break, swing by the VHAC and join Group X.