What will “normal” be?


Jeffrey Williams

After the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, what will normal be?

I’m sure we’ve all thought, “what will life be like after this is all over?” Will we ever get back to “normal?” What will the new normal be? I know these questions have been on my mind, along with many others. The difficulties that we have all come to face will surely pass in time, and hopefully in not too much more time.

Here at The Prairie News, most of our content has revolved around the COVID-19 outbreak. Our lives as students have seemingly come to a halt, but yet it continues. I know some of us have taken this change as an early stoppage to the school semester. I think this way at times, admittedly.

So in the coming weeks, hopefully, we see “normal” begin to return. Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, declared that the state shall begin slowly opening back up. Maybe this signals the end to all of this mess? We don’t know the full extent of the virus and its devastation. We can see the effect it’s having on local and national levels, however. We can see the numbers that are being reported on the infections and deaths, and follow the brave medical workers that are on the frontlines of it all. So again, I say, hopefully, not too much more time shall pass.

Our “normal,” the one that we all hope to get back to, will be changed forever. Just as 9/11 changed the world, the COVID-19 pandemic will leave more of a lasting effect than it may have immediately. Will we be able to go back to the crowded arenas, restaurants, or malls? What will we have to change?

I’m in no authority to determine what will need to and what will change. I’m just like you. I want to see things back to “normal.” I want to be able to see my friends in person, go out to eat with my family and go back to work. This time away from everything has shown me how much we take for granted. The most simple thing as shaking another’s’ hand is an example.

As much as I had wished it wouldn’t affect things, politics has been at the forefront of every discussion. Isn’t time that we all come together on something? Not everything has to divide us. Our disagreements are what make progress, as long as we are willing to compromise and work together. We see that in local environments, but God-forbid we’re able to work with each other in national or federal levels.

I hope that after America and the world “open” back up, we open up more than our economy and businesses. I don’t want this to be just wishful thinking, but maybe, just maybe, we finally work together to achieve greatness. We open back up our hearts and minds. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Chips and queso have been on my mind from the beginning. I want simple things back. As we slowly begin to move towards that “normalcy” we yearn for, perhaps the normal that we knew will no longer exist. Maybe it will change into a more kind, flexible, and applicable human existence with less division and more adhesion for the human race.