WTAMU alumnus publishes her book “The Wonderful You”

West Texas A&M alumnus  Adyson ‘Ady’ Weatherly has recently written a book. On August 28th, 2020, the 23-year-old former business management major officially published the non-fiction book titled, “The Wonderful You”. Weatherly herself described the book as if a personal narrative and a self-discovery book had a love child. It catalogues the freedom she discovered by sharing her experiences through her journey of processing major life transitions and change. “The Wonderful You” invites women to unlock a new perspective on life transitions, friendship, and unlearning toxic beliefs.

Cover art for “The Wonderful You”.

Weatherly came to WTAMU, as many students do, with desires very different from the ones she would come to have later. “I came to West Texas A&M with the desire to get married and devote my life to ministry; if that doesn’t shock those who know me, I don’t know what else would,” Weatherly said. “I spent my time at WT studying business management and fell in love with studying people, how they work, how they learn, how they are motivated, and how I could best employ my strengths to better their human experience. My dreams and passions began to shift.”

During her stint at WTAMU, Weatherly was engaged in multiple on-campus organizations and activities, such as a Founders Hall Residential Assistant, and member of the Baptist Student Ministry. She partook in a service-learning trip to Nicaragua and studied abroad for three months in Mexico in order to better her spanish to aid her minor in the language.

“During these experiences, my passion for creating impact, establishing mentorship, and learning more about culture and human interaction developed,” Weatherly explained. “I was pushed out of comfort zones, challenged in ways I never imagined, and encouraged to gain spirited independence. After graduating, I went through a heartbreak that redefined love for me, left my passionless bank job, and allowed myself to heal from emotions and experiences I had never given space for.”

After graduation, as a way to process, heal and navigate her post-college life, Weatherly began to write. Upon realizing that she had over ten thousand words, she began to realize she had the potential to do what she once thought impossible. A Google search informed her that forty thousand was the preferred number. “It took months of ebb and flow to get the words, go through the editing process, and get the book ready for publishing,” Weatherly said. “I want women to feel seen in the story I wrote, knowing they are capable of wonderful and beautiful things. The book is a source of encouragement, honesty, resources, and guidance for self-discovery. They should read the book to uncover more about self-worth, confidence, friendship, relationships, and navigating what comes with pursuing something wonderful.”

The About the Author preface of the book describes it as “an honest reflection on the beautifully difficult journey of self-discovery, unlocking personal freedoms, and becoming your most wonderful self. This book will inspire, challenge, and change the way you see the world, bringing perspective, humor, hardship, and everything in between into one remarkable piece of work.”

The advice Weatherly has to offer those who find themselves still in college and perhaps struggling to get by is one of positivity. “Something I learned and that I am still learning that I would pass on to anyone starting or navigating their time at WT is that you will always figure it out,” Weatherly said. “Some days you will feel like there are no more options or even too many, just make movement, take action. Any direction is better than no direction, and you will never know what you are capable of if you never try. You will figure it out.”

“The Wonderful You” can be purchased both as a physical copy and eBook on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble. Weatherly is also in the process of recording an audiobook version for Audible.